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Ensuring patients have access to safe, effective, hearing health options.

Like a fingerprint, every ear is unique and must be handled with care.

We facilitate greater connection

between hearing health professionals and policymakers to ensure thoughtful, quality solutions for the over 44 million Americans suffering from some degree of hearing loss.

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hearing aids

Hearing loss is unique to each individual, so it’s critical that licensed, trained hearing health ...

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Sounds can be harmful when they are too loud and can damage the sensitive structures ...

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The hearing health model

Getting your hearing checked should be routine, like getting your teeth cleaned ...

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America’s most vulnerable populations should have guaranteed access if Medicare ...

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    States that are taking action

    Conversations and decisions are happening at the state-level to ensure patients have access to safe, effective hearing health options.

    Click below to find out what your state is doing.

    States not taking action

    States taking action

    Our Listen Carefully ambassador program

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    Listen Carefully partners with hearing professionals to make their voices heard to their corresponding state and local policymakers.