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Our mission

We facilitate greater connection between hearing health professionals and policymakers.

A person’s hearing affects all aspects of their life — whether it is listening to the bustling city or cherishing a birthday song from loved ones. Protecting this vital gift should be done with care. If it is damaged, people should be able to access effective, safe devices that help them.

Listen Carefully is committed to facilitating greater connection between hearing health professionals and policymakers to ensure thoughtful, quality solutions for the over 44 million Americans suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Life is loud, so you must listen carefully.


Hearing loss varies from person to person, and only a licensed hearing professional can diagnose it.

Why now?

Past conversations in Washington discussing access to, and utilization of, hearing aids have narrowly focused on cost, rather than the many factors that keep people from seeking help, such as they believe they can hear well enough, believe they are too young to need hearing aids, or are embarrassed to wear them. 

Listen Carefully aims to shed a light on all aspects of hearing loss to better inform our leaders as they formulate solutions directly impacting the long-term health of millions of Americans living with hearing loss.