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Dr. Alexandra Tarvin

Dr. Alexandra Tarvin

Owner, Elevate Audiology - South Carolina State Representative

Dr. Alexandra Tarvin is the owner of Elevate Audiology in Easley, SC. She is focused on evidence-based practice and the patient experience with expertise in evaluating and treating hearing disorders, fitting hearing aids, and advising on tinnitus and sound sensitivity management. Dr. Alexandra Tarvin is American Board of Audiology Certified (ABAC) and received her Au.D. from the University of South Florida. Dr. Tarvin is a Past President of the South Carolina Academy of Audiology, is the current Webmaster and Technology Chair and also serves on the Advocacy Committee for ADA. Alex is a past recipient of ADA’s Craig W. Johnson Advocacy Award. She has presented at several state and national conferences on different topics. She lives in Greenville, SC with her family and loves to craft and complete DIY renovations at home.

“Advocacy has been a part of my life since high school and became stronger in college. I’ve visited DC several times to advocate for a variety of topics. In my professional life, I find it important to serve as an advocate for our audiology patients as well as the profession. If we do not educate and represent what we see daily no one is going to do it for us. Being a Listen Carefully Ambassador provides another opportunity to stay abreast of the information being discussed outside of my clinic walls. Together we can inform the public as well as policy makers about issues within the hearing healthcare space. Being a part of a team of other professionals with a similar goal increases our voice and for that I am honored.”