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Conversations are happening across the country to ensure safe, quality hearing assistance is available to those who need it. Check below to see what’s happening in Colorado.

Did you know?

17% of Colorado's population has some form of hearing loss.

Current consumer protection action

Summary: On or after January 1, 2025, an applicant with out-of-state credentials can provide healthcare services through telehealth to individuals in this state if:

  • the applicant is registered with a regulator;
  • provides healthcare services within the scope of practice allowed by this state;

A regulator can register an applicant who does not possess a license, certificate, or registration in this state as a registered provider if the applicant:

  • submits the form and pays the required fees;
  •  possess an out-of-state credential that is active, unencumbered and allows the applicant to perform health care services that are similar to the services allowed by a corresponding license in this state
  • does not have any disciplinary action on their out-of-state licenses for the five years prior to applying;
  • is required to designate an agent for service of process within the state;
  • complies with this measure.

A registered provider will notify the regulator within five days of:

  • any restrictions or disciplinary action placed on the provider’s out-of-state credentials.
  • the final judgment for a settlement agreement or arbitration paid due to malpractice.

A registered provider will:

  • maintain financial responsibility for services provided to patients in the state as required by the regulator;
  • not open an office in this state or provide health care services in person to individuals in this state.  This will not apply if the provider has a license or registration from a regulator that requires the services to be performed in this state.

The division can take disciplinary action against a registered provider if they:

  • fail to notify the regulatory of adverse actions taken against their out-of-state credentials;
  • have restrictions or disciplinary action on their out-of-state credentials;
  • the provider violates this measure;

Services are considered provided where the patient is located during the service.

This measure goes into effect immediately.

Status: 1st Chamber

Outlook: This measure was heard on February 27 in the Senate Finance Committee. It passed committee.
This measure is eligible for further consideration in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Past consumer protection action

January 14, 2022. NAAG Responds to FDA’s Comment Request on New Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Rules.

“In response to a request for comments from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding new rules regulating over-the-counter hearing aids, NAAG submitted comments encouraging the FDA to take the below steps to ensure that states maintain a role as regulators in this emerging market.”

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Latest 2023 legislative news

HB 1076. Sponsor: Rep. Susan Lontine (D)

This measure allows hearing aid providers to prescribe, select, and fit hearing instruments and assistive devices in person or through a telehealth visit.

This measure takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the expiration of the 90 day period after final adjournment.

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