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Conversations are happening across the country to ensure safe, quality hearing assistance is available to those who need it. Check below to see what’s happening in Indiana.

Did you know?

18% of Indiana's population has some form of hearing loss.

Past consumer protection action

January 14, 2022. NAAG Responds to FDA’s Comment Request on New Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Rules.

“In response to a request for comments from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding new rules regulating over-the-counter hearing aids, NAAG submitted comments encouraging the FDA to take the below steps to ensure that states maintain a role as regulators in this emerging market.”

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Latest 2023 legislative news

SB 36. Sponsor: Senator Dennis Kruse (R)

This measure establishes the Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Interstate Compact and the Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Interstate Compact Commission; establishes rules for speech-language pathology assistants and supervisors.

This measure provides that speech-language pathology assistants may independently participate in parent and case conferences, assist in writing treatment plans, sign formal documents, and communicate or council with a client and/or their family member with the consent of their supervisor. Supervisors must be present in the same building and alternate supervision days and times with the assistant. Supervisors must provide direct treatment from the supervisor at least 10% of the time and clients must receive direct treatment from supervisors at least 3x per quarter.

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SB 250. Sponsor: Senator Liz Brown (R)

This bill changes the scope of practice and imposes new restrictions on advanced practice registered nurses.

This measure removes the language that allows licensed advanced practice registered nurses to provide certification for disabled individuals seeking a permanent parking placard and enter submissions on births and deaths into the birth registration system or Indiana death registration system. This measure also removes advanced practice registered nurses from the designation of a person in charge of interment.

This measure also clarifies that physicians can delegate prescriptive authority to advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants based on the type of hospital where the physician is licensed, whether the medicines prescribed are within the scope of the advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants' scope of employment at these hospitals, and/or the geographic area (medically underserved) where the physician provides care.

This measure requires an advanced practice registered nurse to operate in collaboration with a licensed practitioner within a 75-mile radius of that practitioners' primary practice or residence. Advanced practice registered nurses must meet with their collaborating practitioner at least quarterly in person or through electronic communication.

This measure clarifies that the drug prescribing requirements for advanced practice registered nurses include drug prescribing supervision by the collaborating physician and drug prescribing guidelines for each drug for which the advanced practice registered nurse is authorized to prescribe. Advanced practice registered nurses must also enter the name, address, telephone number, and the collaborating prescriber's federal DEA number on each prescription form they use for prescribing.

This measure defines practitioners to include anyone licensed under IC 25-0.5-11 or certified hearing aid dealer examiners. This measure excludes licensed veterinarians from the definition of practitioner nurses.

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