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Dr. Megan Adams

Dr. Megan Adams

Audiologist - Indiana State Representative

Dr. Megan Adams is a passionate, empathetic audiologist who prioritizes person-centered care to ensure patients and their families feel at ease. She began her audiology career many years ago at Lafayette Hearing Center as an assistant and continues to work there as a provider. She earned her undergraduate degree in speech and hearing science from Purdue University and her audiology doctorate at Ball State University.

Dr. Adams’s background includes experience with patients of all ages, and she believes in the importance of “whole-body hearing” or how hearing affects our overall health and wellbeing. She enjoys the involvement of families in their loved one’s hearing journey and has first-hand experience navigating the challenges of communication when a loved one has a hearing loss.

She is active in audiology advocacy at the state and federal levels, and she is known by fellow advocates for her data and research collected to improve the involvement of audiologists in congressional issues. Dr. Adams is also an external board member of the Ball State Audiology Advisory Board to help ensure future audiologists enter the profession having the best education possible. Outside of the office, she enjoys DIY projects, calligraphy, and spending time with her husband, Connor, and their dachshunds.

“It’s a privilege to serve as Indiana’s Listen Carefully Ambassador, as it allows me to serve as a liaison and voice between the professionals in our industry and the legislators at the state level. Being a professional and ambassador, I enjoy informing state representatives about the impact of their decisions as it relates to audiologists providing excellent hearing healthcare. Additionally, holding our professionals accountable to stay informed and involved in our ever-changing profession is part of what propels us forward. The Listen Carefully organization embodies the support and partnership needed to do so judiciously and effectively.”