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South Carolina

Conversations are happening across the country to ensure safe, quality hearing assistance is available to those who need it. Check below to see what’s happening in South Carolina.

Did you know?

15% of South Carolina's population has some form of hearing loss.

Past consumer protection action

January 14, 2022. NAAG Responds to FDA’s Comment Request on New Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Rules

“In response to a request for comments from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding new rules regulating over-the-counter hearing aids, NAAG submitted comments encouraging the FDA to take the below steps to ensure that states maintain a role as regulators in this emerging market.”

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April 15, 2021. Attorney General Alan Wilson cautions consumers about misleading sales tactics used by some over-the-counter hearing aid companies.

“Until the FDA finalizes their regulations on over-the-counter hearing aids, South Carolina consumers, especially seniors and military veterans, need to be mindful of unlawful and misleading products on the market,” Attorney General Wilson states. “We are seeing more and more companies attempt to sell hearing aids over-the-counter that use the FDA logo or claim to be ‘FDA-registered,’ even though this new category of hearing aids has not been approved by the FDA.”

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Latest 2023 legislative news

HB 3840. Sponsor: Rep. Shannon Erickson (R)

This bill enters the state into the Audiology and Speech-Language Interstate Compact.

This measure is applicable to audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

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SB 1136. Sponsor: Senator Dwight Loftis (R)

This measure establishes the “Audiology and Speech-Language Interstate Compact” to increase and improve public access to audiology and speech-pathology services.

This measure applies to licensed audiologists and speech-language pathologist.

This measure takes effect immediately.

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