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Bridging the conversation between hearing health professionals and lawmakers in Washington

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What’s Happening in Washington?

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Finished Reviewing FDA’s Proposed OTC Hearing Aid Rule

According to InsideHealthPolicy, The White House OMB finished reviewing FDA’s proposed rule

that would establish an over-the-counter (OTC) category of hearing aids, meaning FDA could soon release the proposal in line with the November deadline set by President Joe Biden. The White House Office of Management and Budget began reviewing the proposed rule in August, and OMB finished reviewing the proposal on October 1.

This timeline is based on current intel and is subject to change.

Why OTC Hearing Aid Regulations Matter

Hearing loss is unique to each individual, which is why it’s important that licensed, trained hearing health professionals continue to play a key role in a patient’s hearing loss journey. In the absence of proper regulations, companies are currently marketing unregulated, low-quality amplification devices as hearing aids. This has prompted more than 17 states’ attorneys general (AGs) – both Democrats and Republicans – to warn consumers about these harmful products.

It is critical OTC hearing aids are properly regulated and labeled to protect Americans’ long-term hearing health.

Relevant News

Michigan Attorney General Issues Notice of Intended Action To Arizona Hearing Device Company

On October 8, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a notice of intended action under Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act to an Arizona business by directing the company to cease and desist from engaging in allegedly unlawful business practices related to its sale of advertised “hearing aids.” Full article

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